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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need a land survey?

A land survey is useful in determining where to erect a fence, build a stone wall, or plant a row of hedges between your property and your neighbor’s property. Determining the exact location of your property lines prevents encroachment onto your neighbor's property and, in turn, assists you in assuring that your neighbor isn’t occupying any part of your land. A survey is also needed to apply for a permit for any type of construction, including installation of a swimming pool. If building a new structure on a parcel, a topographic survey is necessary to assist a Civil Engineer in designing a storm water detention system, sanitary sewer system or other drainage management improvements.

There are several types of land surveys. Each land survey performed is based on the needs of the client and the requirements of their Town Department(s) or financial institution. The most common land survey is a Class A2 Survey which shows the location of all structures within the property lines of the parcel. If construction is going to be performed on an existing structure, a topographic survey may also be required to show the elevations and contours. Staking during all phases of construction is necessary to identify where improvements are going to be done and, once completed, verify that the alterations to the structure have been properly executed.

How is a land survey performed?

The first step in providing a survey is to consult with the client to determine their needs. Then, research of Company records and Town land records takes place in order to verify title ownership of the client’s property and adjoining parcels. A field crew visits the site to search for any existing benchmarks or boundary markers. Measurements are taken. The data is then calculated, plotted and compared to existing boundary information. A plan is drafted and the data is checked. Once completed, the client will take the survey map to the Town Department(s) to apply for a permit. An As-Built Survey is performed at the end of construction. It is presented to the applicable Town agencies for approval.

What is a land survey?

What is an elevation certificate?

A FEMA Elevation Certificate is needed to determine whether or not your residence or business is located in a flood zone. If necessary, as determined by your financial institution and/or insurance company, flood insurance will need to be purchased to insure your home or business against possible flood damage.

A land survey should be performed before transfer of land (buying or selling a home or business) or before any type of construction, including installation of a fence or shed. A buyer should be fully aware of what he or she is purchasing before title transfer is completed.

When should a land survey be performed?

Our professionally trained Civil Engineers and Land Surveyors are committed to meeting our clients' needs, providing insightful, expert advice and services from the initial planning of a project through its completion. Our extensive knowledge of the area, along with providing exemplary services to meet clients’ needs, has earned The Huntington Company’s reputation of professionalism and excellence since 1921.

Why choose The Huntington Company, LLC for your surveying needs?

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